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Chikinki - Lick Your Ticket

I recently subscribed the website
One of the first bands I downloaded from this website, has been Chikinki's 2004 album called Lick Your Ticket.
I got a chance to listen to a great song of theirs (called hate tv) using Pandora's internet radio, and I have to say i was very impressed, so i went ahead and (legally!) downloaded their latest studio album.
Well the music is great! they sound a bit like radiohead, a bit like an 80s band :D and are a bit electronic, but I can safely assure you their music is pretty original and groovy! They define themselves as an "Electrobeat" band. Well I guess that's the best label you can stick on this album... electrobeat! They will give you hours and hours of pleasure! Ahahaha! No really, they are great.
You can check out their website if you want:

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