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If you don't know what to do tonight...

I've recently seen 3 films.
If you don't know what to do tonight, here are some suggestions.

One film I saw just a few days ago is "Once Upon a Time in America" by Sergio Leone.
To say the truth, I only saw 45 minutes of it. Its really a bad movie. I know many says its a masterpiece. Well believe them not. It will make you laugh if you are used to quality cinema.

Another movie I just saw is "Match Point" by Woody Allen.
This one surprised me. It's smart, well done, fresh and with a great story. The actors are great too, and the film has this "normality" feeling to it... I really loved it!

The most recent movie I seen is "Manderlay" by Lars von Trier. This one really is amazing. Its provocative, original, and open minded! Its not an easy film for sure, but its great. believe me!

2 Responses to “If you don't know what to do tonight...”

  1. # Blogger Sushi for 2

    Match Point is fantastic. But do you have Manderlay??? Mi la lasci per favore ^_^

    Mrs Evil Sushi  

  2. # Blogger Alex

    Sure, I'll give it to you!!!  

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