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Some music and some words

yesterday I started using Ableton Live.
It rocks.

Here is a kind of demo song I've done so far. It's not perfect but its got something I like... Now I too reckon this is the future of music.

Here's my song: Say hello to
Greeno the Anarchist Alien

Also, today I wrote (in an almost unconscious fashion) a story regarding Greeno the anarchist alien. So maybe you would like to read the music and listen to the story. Or the other way around. And please condone my English.

Here it is:

"Once upon a time in a country far far away... indeed so far it was actually on a planet called Uxilon, right in the middle of the Mule constellation, lived a little green fella, a little green alien called Greeno.
For obvious reasons.

He more or less seemed to get along fairly well with his mates. That's only because they didn't know what Greeno had inside his mind.

The problem was, you see, that our little green friend was, in truth, nothing more and nothing less than an anarchist. Yea, you heard it right, an anarchist.
He didn't want to work for money and believed in a great dream.

Even more problematic was the fact that his friends were all dandy fascists. Yeah. They had blond tinted hair, good manners, and Mussolini's picture in their wallets; sick stuff I tell you.

They looked with hatred at anything different from themselves. Indeed, in their opinion the only good point of view was their point of view.

And, what was their point of view all about?

I tell you right away what it was about:

1. Kill Kill Kill
the Green Anarchists.
2. Fuck onions.

3. Work to buy onions to fuck.

So you see, poor little Greeno was in a condition I would not hesitate to define dramatic.

Should he work to fuck onions too?"

IE6 must die

Guys, I'm developing websites.
I hate IE6.
Half of the disgraces of the world are because of Internet Explorer 6.


Ok, in case you are using Internet Explorer 6, here's what you can do:

Install internet Explorer 7 or
even better
install Firefox

Pleeeease! :''''(

Radiohead revolution

Radiohead are finally going to release their long awaited new album... it's gonna be called In Rainbows.
Now, the real news is that you can either get it digitally or on cd/vynil.
If you get it digitally, the price is going to be up to you.
Yeah, up to you.
And it will be available from the 10 of October.
If you buy the cd/vynil version, it's going to cost 40 pounds shipment included, and with it will come a free mp3 download of course.
I love these guys.
Get the album here.

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