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After having read this post:

I thought about a couple of weeks ago, when I went to Dublin for the antiwar march. There were about 500 people there, so not that much (is everyone out there supporting war? or just not giving a fuck?), and amongst us, there was this american old hippie, with a United States of peace flag, just like this one. And I remember myself thinking, 'that will be the US flag after the revolution'.
And I wonder, we will ever see it? myself being an optimist (optimist in the long run, pessimist in the short period), I'd be led to think so.

Things I cannot say

I don't like it.
There are things I love. Often they are things I cannot talk about, too.
That's sad.

In case you didn't know.

Right Hemisphere Brain Damage
Damage to the right hemisphere of the brain can lead to cognitive-communication problems, such as impaired memory, attention problems and poor reasoning. In many cases, the individual with right brain damage is not aware of the cognitive difficulties or communication problems that they are experiencing.

I don't want a trojan virus to do me that!

The hypnagogic state

Hypnagogic state:
The hypnagogic state is that state between being awake and falling asleep. For some people, this is a time of visual and auditory hallucination.

Today I got an interesting experience with... ehm... this hypnagogic thingy. This idea i got looked very cool while I was conceiving it... now, after a few hours, it doesn't look that great. Still, I'd like to share it.
I was thinking our own mind is a mess. We forget things, we have all kind of difficulties... I mean, we don't work THAT well.
Some people's mind work better than others.
Our brain, is our hardware. Our mind, is our software. Speaking nerd-ish, we could say some people are better thinkers because they've got some sort of upgrade or patch pre-installed.

Now, the core of my hypnagogic experience, is that our next evolutionary step should be a new Operative System. Something like, forget Windows, switch to Macintosh.
I got in my mind this image of a new operative system, more secure, with better search features, more stable. I pictured our minds retrieveing datas at light-speed, elaborating them, create new datas, store them, never to be forgotten, always ready to be used or shared.
We would be connected to a wi-fi network 24/7 (hey, that's telepathy).
(Yeah I admit porn might be a problem, but we might patch it somehow...)
We wouldn't forget about birthdays anymore. We wouldn't have nervous breakdowns.
We definitely would go up a notch.

This may sound great, or might not.
Just don't let Microsoft read this post. I don't want a trojan horse fucking around in my brain's right hemisphere.
Thank god we might install Linux I guess.

This is the end of this very very geek/nerd post... actually the experience I had this morning, was very strong visually speaking, I had to write about it!

If you can't have the good old Pink Floyd back...

... at least you can have a very good record by David Gilmour!
I am a big Floyd's fan, and I usually don't like what Pink Floyd members have done on their own over the years... but this time it's different. Mr. David Gilmour (voice and guitar of Pink Floyd) has just released a fine fine record, called On An Island.
Listening to this record, I can think of Pink Floyd without some psychedelia and some paranoia. Which can be both good and bad, depending on your mood.
The songs are very emotional, intimate, and mostly acoustic... here and there you can hear some "Gilmour trademark" solos (with that special guitar tone we floyd fans love) and overall you can feel a good dose of genuine inspiration all over the record; if you are in the right mood for a tranquil record, this can be a very good entertainment.
Well done Mr. Gilmour!
If only you could get some paranoia back from Mr. Waters... we might have some more true fun... but I know it's just a dream, so I'll stick to your island for a while.
If I have to, I would rate this record 4 out of 5!

Some more pics o' mine

Here they are.
As usual, taken by Greta.

Click here!


Here I am.
I got pierced.

Gonna get pierced!

Today might be the big day. Might get pierced! Not quite like the person on the left, no. I don't think, at least!
You'll see.
If you give a fuck, of course. Otherwise you'll go "good for you!". And you'd be right!


Soon soon soon, I'll get my own P-Bass. Fender Precision Bass, that is.
A standard one.
Then I can be like him, like (he is John Entwistle of the Who!).
Thanks to the Radiohead i got this weird idea, about starting to play bass guitar. How cool would that be?
I already play guitar anyway... hope it'll be not too difficult...

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