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The hypnagogic state

Hypnagogic state:
The hypnagogic state is that state between being awake and falling asleep. For some people, this is a time of visual and auditory hallucination.

Today I got an interesting experience with... ehm... this hypnagogic thingy. This idea i got looked very cool while I was conceiving it... now, after a few hours, it doesn't look that great. Still, I'd like to share it.
I was thinking our own mind is a mess. We forget things, we have all kind of difficulties... I mean, we don't work THAT well.
Some people's mind work better than others.
Our brain, is our hardware. Our mind, is our software. Speaking nerd-ish, we could say some people are better thinkers because they've got some sort of upgrade or patch pre-installed.

Now, the core of my hypnagogic experience, is that our next evolutionary step should be a new Operative System. Something like, forget Windows, switch to Macintosh.
I got in my mind this image of a new operative system, more secure, with better search features, more stable. I pictured our minds retrieveing datas at light-speed, elaborating them, create new datas, store them, never to be forgotten, always ready to be used or shared.
We would be connected to a wi-fi network 24/7 (hey, that's telepathy).
(Yeah I admit porn might be a problem, but we might patch it somehow...)
We wouldn't forget about birthdays anymore. We wouldn't have nervous breakdowns.
We definitely would go up a notch.

This may sound great, or might not.
Just don't let Microsoft read this post. I don't want a trojan horse fucking around in my brain's right hemisphere.
Thank god we might install Linux I guess.

This is the end of this very very geek/nerd post... actually the experience I had this morning, was very strong visually speaking, I had to write about it!

4 Responses to “The hypnagogic state”

  1. # Blogger Sushi for 2

    definetly no breakdowns, but when a kernel panic kicks in, better see your doctor/manifacturer/drug-dealer  

  2. # Anonymous g

    (Yeah I admit porn might be a problem, but we might patch it somehow...)

    i wanna hear ideas on how to "patch" the porn issue, pleeeeeease! 8D  

  3. # Blogger Alex

    I dunno
    we could have orgies all day long  

  4. # Anonymous DaDornta

    Just imagine "brain firewalls" to keep out "mental spamware"...advertisments popping up in your dreams...Brains being hacked...oh man. . .  

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