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Now, can someone explain this one...???

Now... I took this picture yesterday night here in Cork City... This is a new ad from irish bank Bank Of Ireland, prompting you to buy one of their pension products.
Can you tell my HOW can someone decide to make an agreement with the bank after seeing an ad with a demon on it????
Why why why, oh why???

Big Bro is watching us all...

From BBC comes a very interesting article.
Apparently, in 10 years time they'll be able to scan you and know what you're thinking. And much sooner, they'll be able to tell what you are doing in your own home by scanning the outer walls of your house. Do you like it?

Oh, and for those who still think Big Brother is a TV show... well it is not only that. It is a concept outlined in the book 1984 by Mr. Orwell, I recommend you read it.
And after you've read that, i suggest you read A Scanner Darkly by Philip K Dick, for a hysteric good laugh and some hope.

They're not gonna win, no matter what they invent... right?

The spiral

Recently I've been in Newgrange, an ancient Irish site not far from Dublin. Here, amongst other things, you can see spirals all over the place, just like the ones in the picture.
Today, it occurred to me that what the spirals could mean, is a very practical way to get to an higher state of consciousness... in the sense that if you meditate and focus on a spiral-like movement, you might just get to some special place inside you.
I think this hypothesis could make sense... I should just try out this spiral focusing, one day or another... :)


Untile a few days ago, I was working for Apple computers. Most people would say one is fortunate to have such a job. Well, let me reassure you, the pay is not as you would expect from Apple, plus working in a corporate environment sucks BIG TIME.
Or, as Cartman says, it is totally uncool.
So I am going to start a webdesign course in college, and I will work part-time in a vegetarian restaurant in the meanwhile... I'm feeling better already.

Is an economic collapse near... ??

Newspapers try to keep a low profile about the UK financial troubles... as well as all news websites... however, the big news is:,,2169950,00.html

Basically, this reminds me of what happened years ago in Argentina... remember? ppl got worried and went to banks to withdraw money and the bank had to close down, simply because money DO NOT EXIST. Banks take money from you, then when you ask them money, they just type the sum on a computer and ask you to pay that sum plus interests.
The whole ssytem is wicked.
However, it might be crumbling at last.

A flash video about the pentagon strike

Well, yesterday it was 6 years since the so called "attack on america", right? We still do not have any truth about it, but we have many good hypotesys about what really happened...

My friend Edward found out this link, a very good and to-the-point presentation, perfect to be forwarded to those who still believe the official version (I'm amazed at how many people believe it!).

Chemtrails over Milan - 06/09/2007

Shot and edited by my bro

Come si gioca a scopa???

Me lo sono chiesto oggi.
E ho trovato questa descrizione delle regole del gioco... se interessa...

The Gold Ring Game


Originally uploaded by CupeVampe
I've posted a new picture on my flickr page...

Bill Hicks and Evolution

Did you know...

Did you know that it looks like on Saturn's pole there is a weird exagon?
Have a look.

From NASA website: "A new image from NASA's Cassini spacecraft offers the first direct view of a six-sided feature that encircles Saturn's north pole. The 15,000-mile-wide (25,000-kilometer-wide) cloud formation was initially spied during the Voyager missions in the 1980s. But scientists remain baffled by the atmospheric forces driving the unusual feature."

I mean, a cloud with exagon shape is odd to say the least.

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