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Big Bro is watching us all...

From BBC comes a very interesting article.
Apparently, in 10 years time they'll be able to scan you and know what you're thinking. And much sooner, they'll be able to tell what you are doing in your own home by scanning the outer walls of your house. Do you like it?

Oh, and for those who still think Big Brother is a TV show... well it is not only that. It is a concept outlined in the book 1984 by Mr. Orwell, I recommend you read it.
And after you've read that, i suggest you read A Scanner Darkly by Philip K Dick, for a hysteric good laugh and some hope.

They're not gonna win, no matter what they invent... right?

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  1. # Blogger Ricky

    Bella Ale, sto film l'ho visto 2 settimane fa, รจ perfetto per i drogati e per i visionari... un film da pazzi ma fighissimo!  

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