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A podcast, at last!

Ho un podcast - in italiano!
Questo è il sito del podcast: Il Podcast CasuALE!
Questo è il link del feed invece (se ci clicchi si apre iTunes o il software che usi per i podcast... spero!): Feed Podcast

(Hey i've got a podcast now. But it's in italian only! I might do it in english if I get convinced it's worth the trouble!)

Some news

Yesterday I've seen Eyes Wide Shut by S. Kubrick for the first time. It's an awesome film! I heard all kind of bad reviews about it... well I am now sure it's an underrated film!
It is quite exciting from a sexual point of view (its a great sexual phantasy) and the story is quite thrilling too. I really can't see why it has been so criticised. So if you get a chance to see it, don't miss it!

Changing topic, If you speak italian I advise you to download my brother's first podcast :D - check it out here:

Ald also, check out this picture of Greta I took a few weeks ago. i really got lucky with that shot!

Oh, and 2 days ago (15/08/06) it was my 28th birthday!

A day out at the Vallate Abbey


I was thinking of creating a podcast...
there is a linguistic barrier. Its not easy to do it in english. Well I might try.
We'll see.

NoiseRocker on a Monocycle!

NoiseRocker on a Monocycle!
NoiseRocker on a Monocycle!,
originally uploaded by cupevampe.
I've posted a new picture on Flickr. I was really astonished at seeing this guy on a monocycle playing good music too! It can happen in Cork!!
What is cool is that the police (the GARDA) doesn't bother street artists at all! That's great!

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