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The night of the living dead

I don't want to pick on this city I live in. But, when I see all those drunken people in the streets, they remember me of fucking Land of the Dead movies.
I wonder how many social issues this alcohol problem must have created in this country. Many, without any doubt.
I think they should legalize cannabis, here more then in other places, just to see alcohol abuse going down, you know.
And also, because cannabis doesn't destroy you.
One day, perhaps, it will happen... who knows.

My name is Alex, I'm from Cork!

So here I am; back to Cork City.
Weird sensation.
But pleasing, too.
Cork is home to me, for many reasons: mainly, for the people I know. Secondly, for the familiar places. Nothing spectacular you could say, but yet special somehow.
Cork somehow got my heart. I feel safe here. I feel.
Might be because of what happened here? Probably so. Surely the fact that I met an extraordinary love right here, is enough to make this town special.
I don't know what it is, but I like it, it has good vibes.

One of the best songs ever

20 minutes or so, of pure psychedelic music... a long journey through unusual and somehow dark lands... mostly inhabitated.
One of the
best songs ever, its name is Echoes by
Pink Floyd.
Listen to it. And in the meanwhile, pay attention to that reoccuring sound, that "ping" that guides you. It's amazing.

Here are the lyrics.

Echoes (the last song of the album Meddle) - by Pink Floyd

Overhead the albatross hangs motionless upon the air
And deep beneath the rolling waves
In labyrinths of coral caves
The echo of a distant time
Comes willowing across the sand
And everything is green and submarine

And no one showed us to the land
And no one knows the wheres or whys
But something stirs and something tries
And starts to climb toward the light

Strangers passing in the street
By chance two separate glances meet
And I am you and what I see is me
And do I take you by the hand
And lead you through the land
And help me understand the best I can

And no one calls us to move on
And no one forces down our eyes
And no one speaks and no one tries
And no one flies around the sun

Cloudless everyday you fall upon my waking eyes
Inviting and inciting me to rise
And through the window in the wall
Comes streaming in on sunlight wings
A million bright ambassadors of morning

And no one sings me lullabies
And no one makes me close my eyes
And so I throw the windows wide
And call to you across the sky

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