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My name is Alex, I'm from Cork!

So here I am; back to Cork City.
Weird sensation.
But pleasing, too.
Cork is home to me, for many reasons: mainly, for the people I know. Secondly, for the familiar places. Nothing spectacular you could say, but yet special somehow.
Cork somehow got my heart. I feel safe here. I feel.
Might be because of what happened here? Probably so. Surely the fact that I met an extraordinary love right here, is enough to make this town special.
I don't know what it is, but I like it, it has good vibes.

3 Responses to “My name is Alex, I'm from Cork!”

  1. # Anonymous g

    and if a double-decker buuus
    crashes into uuus
    to die by your side... such a heavenly way to die

    and if a ten-ton truuuck
    kills the both of uuuuuuuus
    to die by your side...
    well, the pleasure - the privilege is mine!


  2. # Blogger WW

    bentornato, Ale. Sul "safe" avrei da ridire, ma le vibes ci sono. E c'e' anche il fatto che finalmente nella vita un uomo puo' FARSI GLI AFFARI PROPRI SENZA ESSERE ROTTO I COGLIONI. per dirla papale papale. L'impossibilita' di tal cosa, vista la mia irritabilita', in Italia mi provoca travasi di bile e principi di rissa

    welcome back, boy  

  3. # Blogger Alex

    farsi gli affari propri senza essere rotto i coglioni.
    hai detto bene!  

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