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Conspiracy of Science

Earth is in fact growing


David Icke

NWO Mix 2006

Exposing the Illuminati New World Order Agenda - staged terror attacks to create fear, removal of civil liberties, and a totalitarian fascist police state.


viva la liberazione

festeggia per me

in attesa del giorno

dell'abolizione del lavoro

(poesia nata in una chattata)


We live in strange and difficult times.

We must take back our conscience.

The state must not (MUST NOT) tell us what we can and we cannot do with our minds and lives.

A link and a thought

This is a good link, about chemtrails:


This is a good thought:

It's a symbolic war. We're in a war, it's made of symbols.

New music

An italian band, Verdena, has released a great CD, titled Requiem.
They play indie rock, in italian. Very very good.

Also, I've listened to a new song by Queens of the stone age, titled Era Vulgaris just like the upcoming album. This song will not be included in the record and i think it is free to be downloaded from their website if you signup.

I like Verdena more, anyway. :D

A Scanner Darkly, clearly

Guys, I don't know if you've ever read A Scanner Darkly.
If not, I advise you to (as I advise to read all of Philip K Dick's books).
However, I just read it and lately it happened to me that I felt like "inside" the book, I felt as one of his characters would feel... this was rather fun. But, if you know the book, you will know that in that book, there are "scanners" that "darkly" scan everythin in the main charachter's house.

So, there I was, feeling like a character in a book, when I started to ask myself if THEY were watching my every move. Listening to my every word. Were THEY really doing that?
How can I tell they are not already doing that?
How can I tell if they start spying on me in my own house?
Does it matter?
Is my usage of the internet already enough of a evidence againt me? and Why? and When will it be?

Me and Peter Jamming

Have a look at me and Peter jamming...

We have a myspace space...

We're still thinking about a name for us... at the moment we're callling ourself "Jamzoo"... what do you think? I like it but it's not special... perhaps it's allright, easy to remember too. Anyway, it also occurred to me we could call ourselves "The Barcode Conspiracy".
I quite like it.
Comments are welcome (in case anyone reads my blog, that is).

RFID chips in humans

These days I'm becoming increasingly concerned with a vision of one of the possible futures, in which we will be forced to get chips implanted in our bodies.

So, I quickly googled to see what the web says... here we go, just a quick selection of the articles that caught my eye:

2004 news: FDA Approves implanted RFID chips in humans

2006 news: Americans starting to implant RFID chips in humans

2007 news: Diabetics have got RFID under their skin

2006 news: Proposal to implant tracking chips in migrants

2007 news: Animal tags for people?

Also, have a look at this scary website...

Have fun... welcome to the paranoia.

Amiga Nostalgia

I was a kid in the 80s and a teenager in the 90s. Between 1990 and 1994 my best friend has been an Amiga 500 with 1MB RAM.
Oh, all those nice floppy discs... that beautiful bulky mouse... Sensible Soccer... Monkey Island...

Wired magazine has published a nice feature article about the best Amiga games... have a look here!

Website of the day

I know it might seem a crazy idea. I know.
Yet, there's some truth to it.

Check out the above website and decide by yourself if indeed we are headed towards a fascist/soviet state.

I fear it might be the case!

A new blog

I have created a new blog.

It's called "My Dreamension" and I will use I to track my everyday's dream.

here it is:

so now my blogs are:

Reversing Diabetes:

My Dreamension:

The Invisible Landscape:

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