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Cork World Cup 2006

Its fun living in Cork during the World cup. it's fun because every night, no matter who plays or who wins, someone is celebrating in the streets. How cool is that?

Share your share

Well lately i noticed something.
Like a revenge.
The music sharing revenge. Kind of.

You know, people is starting to share their stuff in an easy way... and when i say easy, I quite mean it.

To share, they use blogs and free uploading services.
These blogs are sprouting like mushrooms in autumn, providing http links to whole albums.

What is cool is that more often than not, there is a soul behind this blogs. People willing to share what they listen to, with other people. So you can get excellent reviews, along with a cool link to download the record.

Usually you won't find mainstream artists (you'll find some, tough).
Usually, you'll find indie music. This make this mp3 blog thing a great way for underground artists to come overground. I love this thing, I like the idea of sharing.

All in all, artists get so little money from the sales of their records, that i dont think it makes much difference if i download their record.
What makes a HUGE difference, is if i go to see them live. We're talking money there.

An more people will be able to see a band live if they have access to the record - for free.

So, keep on sharing guys.

Here are some links, to give u an idea.


What will happen in 2012? Maybe Ireland will rise in the sky as the ultimate spaceship, and will take me and you to another galaxy.

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