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Podcast numero 11...

11 - il calendario maya

Enjoy! -- Alex

Maya Calendar

During the last few weeks I've started to be interested in the Mayan calendar. Everything started from the latest Daniel Pinchbeck's book, which is a very good reading by the way.
In his book, Daniel writes about all kind of conjectures and theories about a 2012 event that might change earth forever.
Well, amongst the various ideas, one of the most interesting and well-grounded is the one provided to us by Mayans and their wonderful calendar.
If you want to know more about Mayan Calendar, the best sourse of information would be the videos by Ian Lungold - available for free on (search for his name in the search field).
Other sources of information are:

Well these Mayan guys, they managed to have an incredibly accurate calendar... don't want to explain it here - the best explanation is given in Ian's videos.
However, the mayan calendar ends in october 2011 (some say dec 2012). It goes back 16.4 billion years, and stops sometime between 2011 and 2012.

It seems mayan thought there are 9 stages of creation... we currently are in the 8th, and on february 2011 (or 2012) we will start the last stage... that will end after 260 days.
Then the "creation" should evolve, i guess, but noone really knows.

However, this REALLY is interesting.

USA and Torture

I must say I always have an hard time trying to defend USA against "anti-americans". I am not an anti-american, i recognise most of the things I like come from US and UK... great books, great music, you name it.
Some people are antiamerican, always and to the core. They say americans should suffer for what they are doing. I consider myself intelligent enough to not fall into the mistake of generalization.
I know america is not bush administration.

But hey, Bush and his mates are mad and perverts I think... a very bad visit card for the whole USA.

They have recently approved a law about torture that honestly brings us back to fucking middle age.

In the new law "there is not an explicit prohibition on the admission of evidence attained by coercion"said Jakob Kellenberger, president of the Red Cross.

According to USA Today "Under the law signed Tuesday, the military now has discretion to decide whether to charge enemy combatants before military commissions or indefinitely hold the detainees."

From Ireland Online: "The Supreme Court ruled in June that trying detainees in military tribunals violated US and international law, so Bush urged Congress to change the law. He also insisted that the law authorised CIA agents to use tough, yet unspecified, methods to interrogate suspected terrorists."

Unspecified??? UNSPECIFIED???

From the australian The Age: "Human rights groups charge that the measure, likely to face legal challenges that go up as far as the Supreme Court, would allow harsh techniques bordering on torture, such as sleep deprivation and induced hypothermia."

Those bastards in Washington now are starting to call torture with a new name: "professional interrogation techniques". This is mere re-branding of something in the dark age was simply called torture.
Can't believe it... noone says anything... the only thing I am able to do is writing a shitty blog... this really is depressing :(

Links & Sources
Google News

Also have a look at Terrorstorm on Google Video, latest film by Alex Jones!

84% of USA people do not believe Bush

This is great news!

According to a new poll:

16% of the interviewed people believe the Bush administration is telling the truth regarding 9/11;
53% says they're hiding something;
28% says they are mostly lying and
3% is not sure.

Well this means that the monstrous US mediatic machine is failing - people are making up their minds about what really happened... noone knows the truth, but many believe something isn't right in the official version.

Want some information about 9/11?
Check out this links

and for great political comments, check out this blog:

Have fun!

While posting this I am listening to:
The Smiths - Bigmouth Strikes Again

Nuovo podcast, il 9!

The BIG AIDS swindle

The recent release of red pro-aids research iPod pushed me to think again at the theory that AIDS epidemy is indeed a big colossal scam.
Most of the stuff I read about this matter was written by Mr Duesberg...

So you can get further information here:


or here...

I really always think that is something can be done to make money, ppl will not hesitate to do it. AIDS makes the pharmacompany make loads loads looooads of money.

Chikinki - Lick Your Ticket

I recently subscribed the website
One of the first bands I downloaded from this website, has been Chikinki's 2004 album called Lick Your Ticket.
I got a chance to listen to a great song of theirs (called hate tv) using Pandora's internet radio, and I have to say i was very impressed, so i went ahead and (legally!) downloaded their latest studio album.
Well the music is great! they sound a bit like radiohead, a bit like an 80s band :D and are a bit electronic, but I can safely assure you their music is pretty original and groovy! They define themselves as an "Electrobeat" band. Well I guess that's the best label you can stick on this album... electrobeat! They will give you hours and hours of pleasure! Ahahaha! No really, they are great.
You can check out their website if you want:

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