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USA and Torture

I must say I always have an hard time trying to defend USA against "anti-americans". I am not an anti-american, i recognise most of the things I like come from US and UK... great books, great music, you name it.
Some people are antiamerican, always and to the core. They say americans should suffer for what they are doing. I consider myself intelligent enough to not fall into the mistake of generalization.
I know america is not bush administration.

But hey, Bush and his mates are mad and perverts I think... a very bad visit card for the whole USA.

They have recently approved a law about torture that honestly brings us back to fucking middle age.

In the new law "there is not an explicit prohibition on the admission of evidence attained by coercion"said Jakob Kellenberger, president of the Red Cross.

According to USA Today "Under the law signed Tuesday, the military now has discretion to decide whether to charge enemy combatants before military commissions or indefinitely hold the detainees."

From Ireland Online: "The Supreme Court ruled in June that trying detainees in military tribunals violated US and international law, so Bush urged Congress to change the law. He also insisted that the law authorised CIA agents to use tough, yet unspecified, methods to interrogate suspected terrorists."

Unspecified??? UNSPECIFIED???

From the australian The Age: "Human rights groups charge that the measure, likely to face legal challenges that go up as far as the Supreme Court, would allow harsh techniques bordering on torture, such as sleep deprivation and induced hypothermia."

Those bastards in Washington now are starting to call torture with a new name: "professional interrogation techniques". This is mere re-branding of something in the dark age was simply called torture.
Can't believe it... noone says anything... the only thing I am able to do is writing a shitty blog... this really is depressing :(

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Also have a look at Terrorstorm on Google Video, latest film by Alex Jones!

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