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Los Natas - El Hombre Montaña - Review

Los Natas - El Hombre Montaña

I couldn't wait any longer.
I had to write a review.

This record has been released in 2006 by Small Stone Records.

I'm a Los Natas fan since a long time, I even saw them live in Italy in 2004. After a couple of experimental and very psychedelic records (Toba Trance and Munchen Sessions, both with long songs and improvisation) they are back with a "normal" record, made of 11 great songs, in the fashion of their previous records Ciudad de Brahman and Corsario Negro, also available on iTMS.
This "El Hombre Montaña" is made of stonerrock/heavy psychedelic tunes, coming from some unknown desert, possibly from a different planet. Los Natas are thirsty, hungry, dirty, scorched by the sun, attached to our Mother Earth. We love them!
You can get their tunes here: iTunes Music Store - El Hombre Montaña (iTunes should open when you click)

But even better would be to get their tunes at - they are afferinga free trial, so you can download 25 tracks for free. I feel so stupid now, having bought the record from iTunes... well now I know about eMusic, and you too...

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