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The big 9/11 swindle

Is there anyone out there that still believes what US government told us about the WTC 9/11 "attack"? If so, please share this video.

Here you can see Jeff King - a MIT engineer - explaining that the Twin Towers and the other collapsed building were destroyed using controlled explosions.

Recently, italian public television "Rai tre" has aired a transmission (called Report), where the video "Confronting the evidence" was shown and discussed. I was so glad when I was informed this was aired in my home country!

You can see the tv program here (it's in italian!):,,report%5E10616,00.html

And to finish the post, here is a good link full of video evidences about the whole World Trade Center collapse swindle...

The tattoo video!

A new tattoo

On Saturday i got myself a new tattoo...

It represents one of the 64 Ching symbols... to be precise it is the exagram number 57: Sun - The Gentle.

For a full description:
To know more about the "I Ching":

Tattoo was done @ Utopianation - Cork, ireland
Unfortunately I dunno the name of the Tattooer, but I guess i'll come back to him soon for a new tattoo I have in mind... it will be an eye, i think.

If you don't know what to do tonight...

I've recently seen 3 films.
If you don't know what to do tonight, here are some suggestions.

One film I saw just a few days ago is "Once Upon a Time in America" by Sergio Leone.
To say the truth, I only saw 45 minutes of it. Its really a bad movie. I know many says its a masterpiece. Well believe them not. It will make you laugh if you are used to quality cinema.

Another movie I just saw is "Match Point" by Woody Allen.
This one surprised me. It's smart, well done, fresh and with a great story. The actors are great too, and the film has this "normality" feeling to it... I really loved it!

The most recent movie I seen is "Manderlay" by Lars von Trier. This one really is amazing. Its provocative, original, and open minded! Its not an easy film for sure, but its great. believe me!

Los Natas - El Hombre Montaña - Review

Los Natas - El Hombre Montaña

I couldn't wait any longer.
I had to write a review.

This record has been released in 2006 by Small Stone Records.

I'm a Los Natas fan since a long time, I even saw them live in Italy in 2004. After a couple of experimental and very psychedelic records (Toba Trance and Munchen Sessions, both with long songs and improvisation) they are back with a "normal" record, made of 11 great songs, in the fashion of their previous records Ciudad de Brahman and Corsario Negro, also available on iTMS.
This "El Hombre Montaña" is made of stonerrock/heavy psychedelic tunes, coming from some unknown desert, possibly from a different planet. Los Natas are thirsty, hungry, dirty, scorched by the sun, attached to our Mother Earth. We love them!
You can get their tunes here: iTunes Music Store - El Hombre Montaña (iTunes should open when you click)

But even better would be to get their tunes at - they are afferinga free trial, so you can download 25 tracks for free. I feel so stupid now, having bought the record from iTunes... well now I know about eMusic, and you too...

Los Natassssss!

Los Natas have released a new (el hombre montana) album back in July 25th... now, the problem was how to get it. I didnt want to mailorder it, but in my town Cork City (ireland) it wasnt available...
Yesterday, browsing the iTunes Music store... wow, I found their latest cd, for 9.99 €, so I bought it. It was my first ever purchase on iTMS.
I must say that this way iTunes Music Store makes a lot more sense. Using it to find underground artists... like I use Amazon to find underground books... that is the way to go! Soon I might review the album too, it's rather good!

4th episode of my podcast

You can listen to it in this embedded player too... I think!

Click here to get your own player.

The podcast..

it's a fun experience to create a podcast.
My latest podcast is maynly about radiohead. It's in italian, so i'm sorry for my non-italian friends... but its too difficult for me to podcast in english. Maybe i'm just lazy.
Anyway, I've just been to see radiohead last week in Dublin. they were great. that's why my podcast is about them.

A friend of mine told me he couldnt subscribe it using a software called juice on windows.

Me being ignorant about the windows world, and knowing that he can download happily any podcast hosted on, i've decided to upload my podcasts also on this URL:

The feed link is:

Maybe in the future this might become my main podcast address....

we'll see.

have fun.


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