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A Scanner Darkly, clearly

Guys, I don't know if you've ever read A Scanner Darkly.
If not, I advise you to (as I advise to read all of Philip K Dick's books).
However, I just read it and lately it happened to me that I felt like "inside" the book, I felt as one of his characters would feel... this was rather fun. But, if you know the book, you will know that in that book, there are "scanners" that "darkly" scan everythin in the main charachter's house.

So, there I was, feeling like a character in a book, when I started to ask myself if THEY were watching my every move. Listening to my every word. Were THEY really doing that?
How can I tell they are not already doing that?
How can I tell if they start spying on me in my own house?
Does it matter?
Is my usage of the internet already enough of a evidence againt me? and Why? and When will it be?

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