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The night of the living dead

I don't want to pick on this city I live in. But, when I see all those drunken people in the streets, they remember me of fucking Land of the Dead movies.
I wonder how many social issues this alcohol problem must have created in this country. Many, without any doubt.
I think they should legalize cannabis, here more then in other places, just to see alcohol abuse going down, you know.
And also, because cannabis doesn't destroy you.
One day, perhaps, it will happen... who knows.

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    l'animaccia di... welcome to, Cork, Ale!!!!!
    I will quote my good friend Nietzsche: speaking of Germany he said that the country was getting too inebriated with the "two great narcotics of Europe: alcohol and Christianity". He had never been to Cork, Ireland, obviously. Anyway, we (and I mean you, myself and a good few others) know well that while alcohol destroys lives, patrimonies, families, relationships and carreers, all that good cannabis can do to you is put you in a defenseless state of relaxation (therefore, an easy target for drunken scum on cocaine... careful). Sure as hell there'd be less fights in the streets if cannabis were to be more tolerated and alcohol consumption cut down. You're intelligent enough, though, to understand that the vintners association in Ireland has enormous political power: I will never forget the picture on "People's" magazine a few years back: Taoiseach Bertie Ahern pictured together with notorious mental case and powerful publican in need of professional psychological help, Charlie Chawke, at the grand opening of one of his pubs. So much for the power of the alcohol lobby in Ireland. Drinking is marketed as "cool" and "desirable", just watch any ad. Kids look forward to their first legally purchased drink more than to their driving licence. I am sure that in the subconscious of many Irish kids there's the memory of a sunday lunch in the pub where their father is cheered on by the circle of friends for bringing a round of drinks to the table... the kid thinks "I wanna be just like dad". Let's also get ready for the annual Paddy's Day bragging by newspapers and magazines on how the festivity has become a drunken display of human lowness. Personally, I don't give a shit: if anyone is stupid enough to kill him/herself with drink, cocaine or other crap, let them do so. They don't want to hear what you have to say and it'd be wasting your time trying to help, please forgive me the expression, an inferior type. It all makes perfect sense, let them kill themselves, let the Natural Selection of the Third Millennium make its course. Just be careful you don't get harmed while they drink themselves to death and look for a fight.  

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