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If you can't have the good old Pink Floyd back...

... at least you can have a very good record by David Gilmour!
I am a big Floyd's fan, and I usually don't like what Pink Floyd members have done on their own over the years... but this time it's different. Mr. David Gilmour (voice and guitar of Pink Floyd) has just released a fine fine record, called On An Island.
Listening to this record, I can think of Pink Floyd without some psychedelia and some paranoia. Which can be both good and bad, depending on your mood.
The songs are very emotional, intimate, and mostly acoustic... here and there you can hear some "Gilmour trademark" solos (with that special guitar tone we floyd fans love) and overall you can feel a good dose of genuine inspiration all over the record; if you are in the right mood for a tranquil record, this can be a very good entertainment.
Well done Mr. Gilmour!
If only you could get some paranoia back from Mr. Waters... we might have some more true fun... but I know it's just a dream, so I'll stick to your island for a while.
If I have to, I would rate this record 4 out of 5!

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