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"So there is an italian, a french, a spanish..."

It sounds like a joke.
But you have to have a look at this propagandistic bullshit. At least at the website, because it is soooo funny.

We have an "american-esque" bullshit movie made "old-europe" style. Which means, it sucks even more.

I didn't see it (I doubt I'd see it even for free) but it looks... ehm... promising. And it sounds like a joke.
There are an italian, a french, an english, a spanish and a german. USA is almost at war with China. What will those brave european do to stop them from being so aggressive? Bake a baguette? Play some mandolino? Have a cup of tea? Or a siesta maybe? Or will they build a Volkswagen? We might need just some mafia...

Ahahahah this is sooooo funny... here's the link:

It's sad when you think this movie REALLY exist. I am tempted to see it in a cinema.

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