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You know my previous post. I found out it is a superfunny joke! Thank god! But it's a very good one. Well done!!

To know more about it:

United We Stand
0100101110101101.ORG’s fake movie hits the streets of your city ...and your mind

"United We Stand. Europe has a mission" is the punchy title of the non-existent, fully EU-produced Hollywood-style blockbuster: "A brilliant mix of espionage and sci-fi political stereotypes in which Europe, not the USA, saves the world from impending doom". The project that consists in the invention and promotion of this nonexistent movie is hitting public and media space all over the world through city-scale urban installations and viral communication tactics.

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  1. # Blogger WW

    excellent. Just bloody excellent

    a pisstake like nothing I've seen so far.

    Well done to those who made it  

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