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Breaking news about al qaeda... or maybe not?

Ok, check this out ok:

Al Qaeda Tapes Digitally Doctored

Ok so, an expert says the al qaeda tapes are fakes.
Plus, he explains: "From his analysis he concludes that the As-Sahab logo (the alleged media arm of Al-Qaeda) and the IntelCenter logo (a U.S. based private intelligence organization that "monitors terrorist activity") were both added to the video at the same time."

Of course this will not appear on your average media. Probably not even on those leftwinged newspapers.
And of course, it comes to no surprise to many of us. Right?

Oh, at the top you see the image of the as-sahab logo. Ahahahahah come on guys... the logo is so non-methaphorical... ahahah. Sadly, I laugh.

UPDATE: I checked out the Intelcenter logo and website... here it is.

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  1. # Anonymous Anonymous

    All the "experts" need to be shot, together with terrorists and those who "Monitor their activities". Shoot them all, and their families. Make the world a better place: new millennium, new values.

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