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Someone gotta explain to me...

USA invaded Iraq because they had weapons of mass destruction.

That's the official story, right?

Now, the official story also says that no weapon of mass destruction has been found yet.

My point is: why did they NOT find any Weapon of Mass Destruction?
I mean, would it have been so very difficult to find them? They didn't have to physically find them, all they should have done would have been to tell the media they found them. Yet, this was not done.


Don't tell me they (the powerful ones, the elite, the illuminati, whatever) don't want to tell lies. Ahah. There must be a reason to this. The only one I can find is that there is a plan to discredit USA for god knows what reason.

Any idea?

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  1. # Anonymous CinziaFromItaly

    I suggest you read "The Inevitable Alliance. Europe and the United States beyond Iraq" V.E. Parsi (versione originale "L'alleanza inevitabile. Europa e Stati Uniti oltre l'Iraq"). The book is very clear and highly explicative.  

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