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Russian Pyramids

Yesterday I've learned russians are building pyramids (yes, just like those in egypt). To date, they've beilt 17, although I might be mistaken.
However, the largest Pyramid built in Russia is 44 meters (144 feet) high and weights 55 tons.
These pyramids are designed by Alexander Golod... have a look at the following links.

Now, what are the russians up to. I doubt they simply are crazy. There must be something behind this... what could it be?
According to one website, these constructions are highly beneficial for life.


Searching on the net, I found this:

where it is said: "
Alexander Golod says only that the money came from a jar - a standard Russian joke when the source of funds is inexplicable."

And here:

"Golod, 51, who runs a military industry factory, is on a crusade.

Like other believers in "pyramid power," Golod says pyramids hold and
transmit a special energy that affects not only humans but also plants,
animals, machines and even the weather.

The space around us is out of whack, Golod says, and this distortion of our
space causes natural disasters like earthquakes and tornadoes. It leads to
wars, disease and crime.

Pyramids restore harmony to our space, Golod says. Life gets better."

For me it is difficult to trust someone who runs a military factory.

And finally, I see this might be linked with a "earth grid"

More to come, maybe, if I want to google a bit more.

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